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S-Brick Wall prototype explores the design of bricks whose two larger faces are composed by double curved sinusoidal surfaces. It also takes advantage of AM for the customisation of the bricks inner structure by testing s-shaped curved configurations.

These features allow its layering to be done in two directions resulting in walls with different design and functions. If the bricks are assembled in the extrusion direction it might result in an opaque wall with a corrugated pattern. If layered lying down a ventilated sunscreen wall is obtained. In this solution the S-shape profile facilitates the connection between the different layers of bricks

Captura de ecrã 2019-07-08, às 13.27.16.

S-Brick model, 10x20 cm, with extrusion path of 1,5 mm thickness.


Wall assembled  by vertical laying of bricks, resulting in an enclosed and continuos corrugated surface.


Wall assembled  by horizontal laying of bricks, resulting in a ventilated wall with the bricks inner structure visible.


S-Brick Wall assembled  by horizontal laying of bricks in a configuration that result in a wider ventilated wall.

Research team: Paulo J. S. Cruz, Bruno Figueiredo (coordination); Patrícia Ferreira, Inês Tavares (design); João Carvalho, Samuel Ribeiro (development and technical support). 

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