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Myriad wall consists in a modular tubular wall made out of ceramics and filled with high performance concrete after the assembly is complete. This system is conceived to build curtain walls for building envelopes with structural capacity. The configuration of this curtain wall is fully customisable by the user.


Radiator consists in a modular radiator kit for circulating additive fluids comprising: a plurality of "Y" shaped bifurcated parts connected by a fluid-tight channel produced by additive manufacturing. A plurality of terminals was conceived to join those parts and for enclosing open ends of modular radiator parts.


The European Patent Application “Modular fluid circulation kit, manufacturing method and its uses” was submitted in August 2019 (European Request: Order No .: 19194802.5).

Research team: Paulo J. S. Cruz, Bruno Figueiredo; João Carvalho, Álvaro Sampaio, António Pontes and Sandra Carvalho

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