The preferred guide to Clay and Ceramics 3D Printing

This site was initiated by Yao van den Heerik, and started in the summer of 2017 by scouring the internet and collecting as many news worthy articles, blog and projects about 3d clay printing that could be found. So far there is no other site dedicated to report and archive 3d clay printing related news, I hoped to fill that gap. It took a few more months to have that idea fully crystallized and shaped into a readable and searchable format. was the obvious name.

Soon it became clear this could not be done by one person. After setting up de layout of the site other professionals in the 3d clay printing field were contacted and soon a small team of enthousiast formed to keep the site updated, and write about their own projects and research results.

Professors Paulo Cruz and Bruno Figueiredo are correspondents.

FacadeWorld is a knowledge platform of building envelope related technologies, materials, designs and experiments. It´s made to be fresh, interesting, inspiring, sometimes provocative but always serious – to provide information and esprit for designers, architects, engineers, students, researchers and industry.

In June 13, 2017, published the Wave wall.

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