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Jul. 2022

Period: 6-8/07 

Allborg, Denmark


5th International Conference on Structures and Architecture

Through the critical framing, 'a viable urban perspective', ICSA2022 stresses the commitment and responsibility of structures and architecture as drivers of a viable urban development that address the pressing global social, economic, and environmental challenges facing us.


May 2022

Period: 23-24/05 

Guimarães, Portugal


W.AMCA - Workshop on Additive Manufacturing and Construction Automation
The workshop aims to educate and connect young researchers working on the future of additive manufacturing and building automation through presentations, workshops and joint activities.


Jan. 2021

Period: 14/01 

Munich, Germany



The conference aims to discuss the future role of building skin to achieve carbon neutral building stocks. The focus of the PowerSKIN Conference 2021 will deal with the question whether simplicity and robustness is in contradiction to good performance or wheater they even complement each other. Simplicity vs. Performance?


Nov. 2020

Period: 11/11 

Darmstadt Germany

Captura de ecrã 2021-01-30, às 12.06.4

BE-AM: Built Environment - Additive Manufacturing

BE-AM is a symposium and exhibition that brings together experts in 3d printing and Additive Manufacturing from industry, academia, design and architecture. It is a platform to share and discuss ideas, projects and technologies. The event is hosted by the Formnext fair in Frankfurt, and organized by Prof. Ulrich Knaack,  and Prof. Oliver Tessmann from the Technical University Darmstadt


Nov. 2019

Period: 19/11-22/11 

Frankfurt, Germany


The leading global exhibition and conference on additive manufacturing and the next generation of intelligent industrial production.

In the world of cutting-edge additive manufacturing (AM) processes, one event has established itself as an annual fixture in the exhibition calendar – Formnext in Frankfurt. It showcases additive manufacturing as a life-changing technology – across the whole spectrum of materials and processes.


Oct. 2019

Period: 07/10 -10/10

Barcelona, Spain

IASS 2019.jpg

A joint International Conference incorporating the

IASS Symposium 2019

60th Anniversary Symposium of the International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures

Structural Membranes 2019

8th International Conference on Textile Composites and Inflatable Structures

Prof. Paulo Cruz and Prof. Bruno Figueiredo will participate in the event and coordinate the Invited Session: "Additive Manufacturing of Architectural Components".


Sep. 2019

Period: 30/08

Açores, Portugal

Captura de ecrã 2019-09-23, às 15.48.52.

2019 MIT Portugal Annual Conference

Prof. Paulo Cruz participated in the event moderating the Session #4 – Digital Transformation in Manufacturing. Arch. João Carvalho presented a poster of the project KERAMOS - Additive Manufacturing of Innovative and Multifunctional Ceramic Products for Architectural Systems.


Sep. 2019

Period: 11/09-14/09

Porto, Portugal

eCAADe SIGraDi 2019 Conference

Prof. Bruno Figueiredo and Arch. João Carvalho participated in the session Matter - Additive Manufacturing, presenting the papers "Ceramic Additive Manufacturing in Architecture - Computational Methodology for Defining a Column Systemlink & "Free-form Ceramic Vault System: Taking ceramic additive manufacturing to real scale." link


July 2019

Period: 24/07-26/07

Lisbon, Portugal


June 2019

Period: 19/06-01/07

Guimarães, Portugal


4th International Conference on Structures and Architecture

Prof. Bruno Figueiredo will present the paper: "Self-supporting ceramic wall system: Challenges of additive manufacturing of architectural ceramic components".


SHARE | Innovative and Multifunctional Ceramic Products 

Presents the main outputs of the project KERAMOS – “Additive Manufacturing of Innovative and Multifunctional Ceramic Products for Architectural Systems”. 


The exhibition opened on June 19 and will run until July 1, in the lobby of Building 01 at the Azurém Campus of the University of Minho in Guimarães. It includes a set of specimens and prototypes that demonstrate the potential of the architectural application of ceramic components produced by additive manufacturing and boosts the commercial and industrial attractiveness of KERAMOS products (©Photo: Nuno Gonçalves).

Share 1.jpg


April . 2019

Period: 09/04 - 11/04

Manchester, UK


S2M Conference: Industry 4.0


Prof. Bruno Figueiredo participated in the event with the communication "Paper in Architecture: The role of additive manufacturing".


Mar. 2019

Period: 28/03 -29/03

Guimarães, Portugal


Workshop KERAMOS

Workshop to explore the additive manufacturing of ceramic and hybrid cladding components and to demonstrate the potential of multifunctional coatings.


In the aim of the MIT-Portugal Exploratory Research Project MIT-EXPL/ISF/0006/2017: KERAMOS – Additive Manufacturing of Innovative and Multifunctional Ceramic Products for Architectural Systems.


Dec. 2018

Period: 05/12 - 04/01

Guimarães, Portugal


Building Digital Ceramics

Building Digital Ceramics exhibits a set of elements developed in the Advanced Ceramics R&D Lab between, 2016 and 2018, to explore the integration of computational tools and additive manufacturing processes in the design and production of ceramic architectural components.

The exhibition presents a significant number of specimens that were used as basis for: testing the optimal plasticity degree of the ceramic paste for 3D printing; evaluating the formal constraints inherent to the layer-by-layer extrusion process; exploitation the use of composite materials. It also includes a set of prototypes that demonstrate the potential of architectural application of ceramic components produced by additive manufacturing (©Photo: Nuno Gonçalves).



Oct. 2018

Period: 12/10

Darmstadt, Germany



BE-AM: Built Environment - Additive Manufacturing

Prof. Paulo Cruz participated in the event with the communication "Additive manufacturing of ceramic and composite products".

Oct. 2018

Period: 9/10

Antena 1, RTP


Oct. 2018

Period: 1/10

Lisbon, Portugal


Jul. 2018

Period: 16/07 - 20/07

Boston, USA


Jul. 2018

Period: 02/07 - 04/07

Lisbon, Portugal


Mar. 2018

Period: 13/03 - 15/03


Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Podcast - 90 Segundos de Ciência - Antena 1

Um grupo de investigadores da Universidade do Minho está a desenvolver um sistema de impressão 3D de componentes cerâmicos para arquitectura, que melhorem a plasticidade destas estruturas.

MPP Conference 2018.png

2018 MIT Portugal Annual Conference

Prof. Paulo Cruz participated in the event presenting the R&D project KERAMOS - Additive Manufacturing of Innovative and Multifunctional Ceramic Products for Architectural Systems.

IASS 2018: Creativity in Structural Design

Prof. Bruno Figueiredo participated in the event with the communication 

"3D printed ceramic vault shading systems".

SC 18.jpeg

Science and Technology Summit in Portugal

Ciência 2018 was the latest edition of the annual meeting of Portuguese researchers.

It aims at promoting a broad debate on the main topics and challenges of the scientific agenda beyond the world of research. The meeting main goal, therefore, is to stimulate not just the participation but also the interaction between researchers, the business sector and the general public.

In the context of the definition of missions steered by the 2030 agenda of the United Nations, based on the 17 Sustainable Development Objectives (ODS), Ciência 2018's programme is organized around sessions to stimulate the debate on the design of the future 9th European Framework Program for Research and Innovation, 2021-2028.

Prof. Paulo Cruz and Prof. Bruno Figueiredo participated in the event with the communications "Ceramic architectural components at industry 3.0 and 4.0" and "Additive manufacturing of innovative and multifuncional ceramic products".

ACLab participates in the Material Xperience exhibition

Material Xperience is the leading event for creative professionals focused on material innovation.


Feb. 2018

Period: 16/02

University of Minho 

Guimarães, Portugal

ACLab participated in the MIT-Portugal Symposium

Ten years after initiating an institutional joint venture between Portugal and MIT, it is clearly evident that the MIT Portugal Program (MPP) has been successful. A new program of research, education, and innovation for 2018-2030 was planned and it was briefly presented, exploring the main drivers, the priorities and the new challenges from all the program stakeholders.

Prof. Paulo Cruz participated in the Round Table II – Smart Industry: from new industrial concepts to the digital transformation.


Nov. 2017

Period: 17/11 - 18/03

Casa da Arquitetctura 

Matosinhos, Portugal

ACLab participated in the Power/Architecture exhibition

Power/Architecture is the inaugural exhibition of the Casa da Arquitectura that opens to the public the doors of its new facilities, in the renewed Quarteirão da Real Vinícola in Matosinhos.

The Wave Wall is part of the projects selected for exhibition, in the context of how technological power manifests itself today in the design of architectural projects, more specifically by the integration of digital manufacturing technologies.


Oct. 2017

 Design Institute

Guimarães | PORTUGAL

1st National Seminar:


Challenges and Opportunities for Innovation in the

Manufacturing of Ceramic Products

The seminar facilitated the meeting of national participants interested in the recent advances in the art, practice and theory of  ceramic manufacturing.


Sep. 2017

Period: 25/09 - 28/09

HafenCity University (HCU) 

Hamburg, Germany

IASS 2017: Interfaces - Architecture. Engineering. Science

Today’s challenges in built environment are immense. They require inter- and transdisciplinary skills. At the INTERFACES between architecture and engineering, new strategies and solutions need to be developed. The same applies to the INTERFACES between science and practice.

The last IASS symposium hosted by the German IASS group was held 1996 in Stuttgart with the focus on conceptual design of structures, including responsible and sustainable engineering and a variety of interdisciplinary aspects. The 2017 IASS symposium in Hamburg follows this holistic tradition.

Prof. Paulo Cruz participated in the event with the communication "Ceramic 3D printing – The future of brick architecture" by Cruz, P.J.S., Knaac, U., Figueiredo, U. and Witte, D.


July 2017

Period: 03/07 - 05/07

Centro de Congressos de Lisboa

Lisbon, Portugal

SC 17.jpeg

Meeting with Science and Technology in Portugal

Ciência 2017 was the annual meeting of the Portuguese science and technology community.

The meeting, which celebrated the 50th anniversary of the creation of JNICT and the 20th anniversary of FCT, promoted an open debate on the main subjects and challenges driving the work of the Portuguese scientific community. Ciência 2017 bringed together researchers and invited participants from all sectors of society.


Ciência 2017 was supported by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education, and it was organized by Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia in collaboration with Ciência Viva - Agência Nacional para a Cultura Científica, and the Education and Science Parliament Committee.

The programme of the meeting was designed in collaboration with the scientific community and includes plenary sessions, presentations, debates, poster sessions and demonstrations.

Prof. Paulo Cruz and Prof. Bruno Figueiredo participated in the event with the communication "Additive manufacturing of innovative ceramic products for architectural systems" and with the following demonstration.

Paulo Cruz, Universidade do Minho e Lab2PT
Reproduzir vídeo


Mar. 2016

Period: 07/03 -08/03 

Design Institute

Guimarães, Portugal

Digital ceramics - Reinventing pottery

Workshop and lecture by Yao van den Heerik.

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